Research fields and potential employers in Biophysics

Which are the sectors available for career in Biophysics?

For entry level the aspirants who have completed graduation or post graduation level courses in Biophysics can start working as a Biophysics Researcher or scientist in research institutes or government organizations.

There are biologically oriented industries and companies and also pharmaceutical companies where employment positions for Biophysics professionals are available. These professionals are also employed in chemical companies, food processing plants, drug manufacturers, cosmetic industry, and agriculture manufacturer industry.

For those professionals who want to opt for teaching in the field of Biophysics can work as professor or faculty in universities or colleges offering courses in Biophysics or in medical or dental college.

Which are the various research fields available for a Biophysics graduate?

At biomolecule level the aspirant can undergo research in Biomolecule and Biomolecular structure. At organismal scale the area for research work available are animal locomotion, Biomechanics, Biomineralization and motility.

Aspirant can also do biophysics research on biophysical environment.
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