Resolution of nuclear capability - US - Iran negotiations

Resolution of nuclear capability - US - Iran negotiations

Question - Resolving the impasse over nuclear capabilities of nations plays a very important role in promotion of international peace. Discuss the US-Iran negotiations on resolution of nuclear capability.

US-Iran negotiations on nuclear capability are reliant on the number of centrifuges can lead to sustaining nuclear development in the latter nation without sanctions.

• The agreement will face impasse from the Israeli front - deal being perceived as a “farewell to arms control” by the Israeli PM

• President may reach an agreement with Iran only if there is a relaxation of sanctions

• Republican side has issued a challenge to the US President

• IAEA and Iran have to work jointly for securing the deal

• IAEA has neither certified that Iran was not on a nuclear weapons path and whether it will be given a clearance

• IAEA has continued investigations for resolving past activities of the state

• Extending the Joint Plan of Action twice, the P5 and Germany have been shaping an effective resolution

• At the base of a proposed agreement is a series of restrictions on enrichment of uranium beyond the requirements of power generation

• UN resolutions ban enrichments while this agreement views minimum enrichment for a certain specified period

• There has been a sizeable reduction in around 19,000 centrifuges already operating in Iran

Agreement has yet to be resolved regarding the following:

• Number and nature of centrifuges
• Period for which restrictions can be imposed
• Question regarding Iranian reactor at Arak allegedly producing plutonium
• Zero enrichment is not being asked for yet
• Republican opposition to Iran deal stems from President Obama’s reassurance regarding the issue of permissible amount of enrichment even during the period of restrictions
• Iran has reassured that a limited amount of plutonium produced at certain reactors cannot be used for weapons in the absence of reprocessing plants

Facts and Stats

• Interim deal has been forged in November 2013 associated with the Joint Plan of Action

• This needs to be shaped into binding commitments by July 2015

• Negotiations have completed close to 13 rounds following the Joint Plan of Action
was approved; new indications are that a comprehensive agreement is within reach

• Ali Khamenei, the leader of Iran has issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons indicating Iran has not embarked on a nuclear weapons path

• The US and EU sanctions imposed in the energy and banking sectors on Iran is also under discussion

• New Delhi has reservations about the Iranian nuclear plan

• Lausanne negotiations will be central to a US-Iran Nuclear deal
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