Responsibilities and job prospects of an animator

What tasks would my job include as an animator?

• Drawing or sketching subjects or items
• Drawing story board
• Creating frame from own ideas
• Using computer graphic design software
• Working as a team
• Working with the clients
• Synchronizing the timing of movements
• Meeting script and soundtrack requirements.

What are the job prospects?

Job prospects for animators are quite good since there is boom in entertainment and gaming industry. In India there the animation and multimedia industry is growing at a fast pace. There is quite satisfying demand of animator currently. A single animation film needs more than 500 animators which mean very good employment opportunities are there. However, a degree or diploma holders gets a job easily than a non-holder.

Freelance work is another option for an animator especially for a web animator. They can move into website design, graphic designing and three-dimensional product modeling.
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