Responsibilities of call centre employees

Is call centre limited only to voice based support? What are the various tasks that a representative has to take care of?

In the beginning, call centres were meant only for voice- based customer support. But due to the advancement in the technology and due to expansion in the industry many new ways have also cropped up. Nowadays, most of the call centres are a contact centre, offering e-CRM services, which include voice based customer support as well as e-mail response, we-based text-chat services and other customer interaction channels. You need to understand this concept of call centre services. The call centre services can be ‘inbound’ i.e. calls made by customers and received by representative in regards to their enquiry about a service or product that a particular organisation provides. The call centre services can be ‘outbound’ where in calls are made to the customers to sell products or collect information/money etc. in business terms we can simply say that call centre services is unit where in calls are made from one company to another company.

It is seen that some of the call centres deals only with domestic business with customers within the country. These call centres are known as domestic call centres. Others such as an international call centre mainly deal with clients from abroad say Australia, Europe etc. The scope in this field in India is enormous, as there is a large population of educated English speaking people in this country. The wide range of opportunities, comparatively well paid jobs for the minimum of qualification it requires and the facilities the companies provide like to and fro transport, subsidized meals and medical facilities makes call centres a good career option to work in.
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