Robert Bosch Campus Placement - Procedure & Information

Robert Bosch Campus Placement - Procedure & Information

Robert Bosch, a global company representing workshop for Precision mechanics and Electrical Engineering and was established in 1886. Their largest business sector is into Automotive Technology. The company is headquartered in Stuttgart in Germany. Robert Bosch has made its presence felt in India for more than 50 years.

The recruitment process observed for fresher’s through campus placements is, starting with a written test followed by technical round and lastly the HR round. The number of questions usually varies from college to college but usually it has been observed that the written test consists of 60 or may be 75 questions in 60 or 80 minutes respectively. They have negative marking as well while evaluating.

If you answer one correct answer you get 2 marks and if you answer an incorrect answer then you lose 1 point. The written test is divided into two sections one part consists of technical questions and the other consists of questions covering the aptitude section.

The questions in the technical section cover the topics from C, C++, Data Structures, Operating Systems or DBMS, BIT conversions for example HEX to Binary decimal. The questions were multiple choice questions. The Aptitude section covers the topics quantitative and reasoning; there are quite a lot of questions from this section and questions based on verbal ability, in this questions range from reading comprehension and fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, jumbled paragraphs.

The technical interview consists of questions based on C, C++, Data Structures, Operating Systems or DBMS, BIT conversions for example HEX to Binary decimal. The topics are similar to the ones observed in the technical section of the written round. Some of the questions observed are,

• Take the necessary action to correct this equation

• Make a rectangle by using 3 lines only.

• Suppose there are 3 containers and each container contains 100 socks. The 1st container contains red socks, second only blue and third only green. If I want to pick a pair of socks of the same colour, how many socks should I pick up?

HR interview round which is the final round involves questions based on personal details, family background, hobbies and interests and the core reason for which you would like to join this company. You need to be extremely careful while answering the written round as there is negative marking and be thorough with the technical knowledge and your subjects.
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