Role of Smart Technologies in Housing Infrastructure

Role of Smart Technologies in Housing Infrastructure

Question: Smart technologies have an important role to play in building housing infrastructure. Elaborate

- Proliferation of smart projects in the housing infrastructure sector is due to response to consumer demand

- Government’s plan for developing 100 Smart Cities is now heading for reality with the announcement of Housing for All and Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation

- Smart developers in India have developed “smart” projects which implies the creation of green and sustainable official and residential spaces

- This has been embraced by the real estate community for some time now

- A recent survey by Honeywell India of 2000 buildings in 10 metro cities which evaluated smartness across parameters of greenery safety and productivity found airports and hotels led the way with smart building technologies but the overall smartness of buildings was low

- Survey also found most buildings scored highest on green technologies while safety was the lowest

- India could save money to the tune of billions through smart technologies that drive green, safe and productive outcomes

- Indian Green Building Council has indicated that green real estate in India has grown from 20,000 sq ft in 2003 to over 3 billion sq ft in 2015

- Green office space accounts for 200 million sq ft primarily in metros

- Occupiers are demanding green, eco friendly homes built using smart technologies

- Self sustaining cities with well developed communication and transport infrastructure and e-governance are the way forward

Facts and Stats

- Between 2001 and 2011, India’s urban population recorded decadal growth of 32% from 285 million to 377 million, according to a KPMG report

- By the year 2050, 900 million people will be added to Indian cities
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