S For Selfie, S For Stupidity, S For Syndrome

S For Selfie, S For Stupidity, S For Syndrome

But first let me take a Selfie! Yes, this has become one of the most commonly heard and said statements these days. Wherever people go, they want to indulge in taking pictures, and most importantly Selfies. The craze has increased so much that the tech companies have launched special Selfie Smartphones to meet the demand of public. Even they have introduced Selfie sticks to make the click process easier. This latest trend is now becoming an addiction among youngsters. Do you think taking Selfie as an act of stupidity?


- Clicking Selfie again and again is a weird activity as the people just click a picture of their face, and not of the surroundings. So, in simple terms nothing is going to change in broad terms.

- What is all this Selfie type all about? It is nothing more than a sheeple and doing what everyone is else doing.

- Selfies are becoming an obsession these days. The self-portrait clicks result in mental pressure as there is a deep desire to look beautiful in the picture. Many youngsters edit their Selfie while they look much different in their real life. This results in self-doubt.

- If people consider that taking Selfie falls under the photography, then they are absolutely wrong. Photography is a beautiful form of art and not constantly clicking pictures of self, narcissistically.

- Selfies taken at weird places to show off or grab attention are absolutely stupid and annoying. After all who wants to see anyone posing stupid pictures in bathroom!

- Selfies are becoming a syndrome. This problem can largely be attributed to rise in use of social media which is more or less making people narcissistic.


- Taking Selfie is not a stupid thing but as it comes S for smart thing. It is an act to lighten up the things, irrespective of what others think about it.

- Selfies are a part of tech-savvy life, and there is no problem with selfies till the time they do not turn into obsession. As it is said, anything done in extreme can result in problems.

- Selfies clicked to celebrate relationships and cherish special moments are a different story. Like other pictures, they give people with beautiful memories to cherish forever.

- Selfies promote self-confidence and improve self esteem. People feel happy and good about themselves.

- Clicking Selfie is just a way to express your feelings and emotions at certain moment. It is done for fun and cannot be termed as a stupid act.


It is evident that selfies are a superb way to have fun with friends. It is a means to celebrate a moment and preserve the memory. Taking a picture and sharing it with friends is an act of self-confidence. In simple terms, taking Selfie cannot be stated as a stupid act if it is done in limit. However, getting obsessed with Selfie and devoting all the time to get the best picture needs attention. It can be the start of a syndrome which should be stopped at a right time.
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  • RE: S For Selfie, S For Stupidity, S For Syndrome -rakhi (01/16/19)
  • Well, taking selfie is a big craze now days,people almost everywhere are taking selfies now days,like they are taking selfie in front of a running train,or on the 20th floor of a building and where not.Which actually resulting several accidents.
    Even Some areas have been declared as "no selfie zone" .
    so,yes i would go with the second S,S for stupidity.
    I think the the phone companies are making the real profit here,Same way oppo has become one of the leading mobile brand in India now.
  • RE: S For Selfie, S For Stupidity, S For Syndrome -ShiviAr (11/12/17)
  • Selfie is a trending fashion and mobile phone industry is leveraging "selfie" and making phones which have good cameras in them. Taking selfies makes one feel good about themselves and something which brings internal happiness is done more and more. "People take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone" and the same applies to selfies as well. But yeah, there have been many instances where taking selfies has proved to be dangerous to ones life: people taking selfies while driving or riding a bike have incurred accidents. So, there is a need to enlighten people to take safety measures while clicking a selfie and be careful about it. I really appreciate Samsung India's initiative to create an awareness among people through its ad campaign to be careful while taking selfies.
  • RE: S For Selfie, S For Stupidity, S For Syndrome -Deepa Kaushik (08/21/15)
  • Selfie has become a bug that has inflicted not only the youngsters but almost every person in the present era. The selfie bug is eating up the potential hours and wasting immense labour hours for the country which could yield and add to the proiductivity; thereby leading to the economic development.

    People and their selfie stigma has made the lives joyful for the population as they like to see their image every no and then. People click their selfie more than the number of times they peep into the mirror. We can say that selfie has replaced the mirror reflection at many occasions. Their reflection is just a click away, anywhere, anytime.

    Also, being social animal, people spend hours into the social networking sites which is worth nothing at many times. Whenever they enter a new location, it becomes a selfie time and start updating their status. This bug slowly eats up hours spoiling the quality time and work. This is one of the main reasons that many multinational organizations ban usage of the mobile phones and similar devices within the work premises.

    Selfie has become an addictyion. Taking a selfie and making technlology compatible for that is not at all a bad invention. Selfie do helps at some equations when people need to click their own pic and they lack anyone nearby. But the same scenario when becomes an addiction makes it intolerable. We should use the technology only as and when required. Overuse of anything is harmful andso is this selfie syndrome.