Sachin Tendulkar's retirement - A matter of his choice? - Group Discussion

Sachin Tendulkar's retirement - A matter of his choice?

Sachin Tendulkar an all time great and the leading run scorer of the century has been questioned incessantly about his retirement. Should this great gentleman be given his own space to decide his future or should he be pressurized to retire?


- Sachin being the best batsman that the game has ever produced should be given liberty to call the shots for his retirement.

- It’s because of him that the Indian team has flourished and reached unimaginable heights.

- Sachin is an inspirational figure in the team and is a role model for the youngsters in and out of the team.

- Sachin has served and excelled in the field of cricket. He should be given some freedom to choose the time of his retirement.

- He being a great gentleman that he is thinks that it would be “selfish” to leave the game when “he is at top of his game”.


- The young blood is ready to take over from the old horses and Sachin who can’t be forced to retire is making their wait, longer and longer.

- Sachin has served the country well but now its time for him to give the reasonability that he has handled for so many years, to youngsters.

- The age factor is not on his side and he is prone to many injuries which would leave the Indian team exposed as they are still very dependent on him and the youngsters not given enough exposure will only make it worse.


The fact won’t change that Sachin is growing old every minute but there is also no denying the fact that what he has done for the country is remarkable. A great player like him should be given time to decide about his retirement. But he has carried the Indian cricket on his shoulders for more than 2 decades and it might be right time to give them the deserved rest.
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