Safety Officer career objective and career summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Safety Officer


To secure the role of a Senior Safety officer in ABC power Plant in Lucknow. The extensive experience along with appropriate knowledge can help in improving safety aspects of the plant.


• A graduate from Ranchi University with over 5 years of experience in ABC Farakka power plant.
• Responsible for generating plant inspection safety report as well as yearly safety audit report.
• Conducting and monitoring safety talks, Safety Bulletin as well as Safety News Papers.
• Preparation of documents for shutdown as well as updating report of man hours.
• Daily observation reporting and hazard Identification.
• A team player, dependent and highly motivated individual who is able to work independently
• Implemented internal audit system by conducting drills as well as routine checks for ensuring compliance and consistency in the factory.
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  • Safety Officer career objective and career summary -Deepa Kaushik (06/25/14)
  • Career Objective:

    Seeking the position of ‘Safety Officer’ in your organization, where I can deliver my attentive skills to ensure the safety and security of the organization and its workers.

    Career Summary:

    - B.Com with 4 year experience as safety officer.
    - Understanding the compliance and knowledge of the security and safety standards of the work place.
    - Regular monitoring of the safety measures with a check for safety incidents and mishaps.
    - Ensuring the work efficiency of the safety equipment from time-to-time.
    - Ability to collect, prepare and analyse reports for the compliance and company audit purpose.
    - Experience of performing the risk assessment and conducting the test drills to ensure the alertness.
    - Experience of generating and circulating the health and safety reports monthly to the managers.
    - Updating the knowledge of the laws concerning the safety regulations from time-to-time.
    - Conducting the staff training with ability to guide them for the safety measures.
    - Responsible to get all the Safety certifications done.
    - Safe handling of the hazardous substances.
    - Excellent communication skills with a good relationship with the management and the employees.
    - Hard-working, punctual, time-conscious.