Salary to expect after completing Industrial and Production Engineering

Will I get a job with this degree? What is the salary one should expect after completing Industrial and Production Engineering?

-The job opportunities for IE is challenging and vast.
-Former graduates are practicing their skills in all areas of work ranging from

* Airlines
* Utilities
* Hospitals
* Paper production

-The work available is original in nature.
-Managers require results from industrial engineers to keep their costs under control.
-This requirement will keep the demand high for industrial engineers in the future.
-Again it all depends upon the industry you are hired to work for and the current state of the market.
-The expected salary in India is around 4-6 lakhs p.a
-In abroad the salary is around $55,000 per year.

What are the various fields and job options I have when I complete the course in Industrial Engineering?

-Business systems analyst
-Business process engineer
-Production, process, assets or manufacturing engineer
-Quality control manager
-Health and safety manager
-Human resource manager
-Logistics manager or facilities engineer
-Project manager
-Plant supervisor
-Scheduling and planning manager
-Operations manager
-Management consultant
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