SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting) Lamp: Features

SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting) Lamp: Features

Question: Recently, a lamp which runs on glass and 2 tablespoons of salt was invented. Discuss the features of this scientific innovation.

- A Philippines based start-up has developed a lamp called Sustainable Alternative Lighting or SALt

- This lamp runs on a glass of water and two salt tablespoons

- Lamp is named after the company SALt

- The start up was founded by Aisa and Raphael Mijeno

- Cost effective lamp undergoes combustion and provides heat and lighting for 8 hours at a time

- It will also be able to generate adequate energy to charge smart-phone through USB cable

- Lamp can be lit using ocean water and will help residents along coastlines generate heat and lighting inexpensively

How It Works

- The lamp works with galvanic cell battery comprising an electrolyte solution(salt and water) and 2 electrodes

- Electrodes being placed in the electrolyte generate energy for LED lighting

- This battery works 8 hours per month for 6 months

- Lamp is safe for use

Facts and Stats

- The notion of developing this lamp was conceived during the stay with natives of Butbut tribe of Philippines

- Many of the 7000 islands in this nation do not have access to electricity and the SALt lamp can prove beneficial for them

- Using this alternative light source prolongs life of the anode for greater than a year

- This is an eco-friendly product and Philippines is currently ranked by the UN as the 3rd most disaster prone country in the whole world so this lamp has many benefits for the nation as it leaves minimal carbon footprint

- Ocean water can be used for this lamp as amount of salt found is 35 parts per thousand on an average
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