Sample apology letter for absence without notice

Sample apology letter for absence without notice

Please accept my apology for absence from The Legends Cup that took place on January 31st, 2014. The event was important in reviewing the progress made by the event organisers in the year that just ended. I know you expected me to be there, and it was important that I attend, but I was simply unable to make it.

However, I was not able to make it is because just as I was about to leave from work to the venue, I received an emergency call notifying me that there has been an accident involving my family and had to rush to the nearest Government hospital to check on their condition.

Currently, they are still recuperating at the hospital in good condition. As for the monthly contribution, I will remit in good time.

I hope you won't see this as a reflection of who I am as a whole. Ordinarily, when I make a promise, I am able to keep it, so I am both sorry and embarrassed that I was not able to be true to my word in this case.

Please call me as soon as you can. We can discuss the matter, and I can begin to make amends for my inability to follow through.
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