Sample apology letter for late joining the company

Sample apology letter for late joining the company

I am writing this letter to let you know how terrible I feel about letting you down. My sincere apologies for late joining of two weeks to the office. First of all, I am embarrassed for my behaviour and I regret for it in a very precise manner.

Actually my joining date was for February 1st, 2014 but I could not join this office in time. It is because of the delay my previous office made in returning my original documents that I had to submit in this company during the orientation. This is the reason for my delay in joining.

I know that I could not come into the training which I have missed to restart all things from the beginning but I hope to grasp all the things from my peers and from my mentors.

I completely understand your behaviour and it is obvious to be frustrated and angry with me and I don't blame you. I feel so terrible at the current moment. Ordinarily, I am very responsible and reliable.

I would appreciate if you would allow me to rejoin the batch from 21st February, 2014.
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