Sample approval letter to approve a promotion or raise

Sample approval letter to approve a promotion or raise

After reviewing your performance appraisal reports and from the recommendation of your immediate supervisor, the department has decided to promote you to the position of Senior Manager. You have not only met our expectations but have also outdone the mediocre scores in each and every category as mentioned in the performance appraisal form.

You will be getting a 15% increment on your current CTC, along with some additional perquisites which will be added in your CTC. You will now have 4 employees who would be reporting to you directly. Monday morning at 9.00 we will be sitting down one to one for the additional responsibilities that you will be now taking up and to brief you about the other important things as well.

All the best and many congratulations for your new position and responsibilities, we hope that you will make us and your department proud once again.
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  • Sample approval letter to approve a promotion or raise -Hemant Sharma (03/25/14)
  • Sample approval letter to approve a promotion or raise

    On behalf of our management, I congratulate you on your hard work being paid off in good dividends. I have high praise for you on your performance record during your probationary period.

    We have carefully reviewed your performance reports and after that itself the board has voted unanimously to promote you to the position of Project Manager.

    You have met our expectations and have crossed the par scores in all mentioned category. The promotion will mean that there will be a raise in your salary up to 12% and an office in the management suite.

    For the time being, the board will outline your additional responsibilities and duties in our upcoming Archimedes project. In the meantime, it would be advisable for you to shift to your new workplace.

    The board has full faith and confidence in you that you will tackle this new and exciting challenge with the same grit, efficiency and diligence that has characterized all your other work.

    We are sure that you will do justice to the position that has been offered to you and wish you every success in this new position.
    Thank you for your enthusiasm.