Sample approval letter to approve a proposal

Sample approval letter to approve a proposal

Based on your proposal to have a spate building for boy’s hostel accommodation within the college premises, we on behalf of the trust are pleased to inform you, that your proposal has been accepted. We shall start the project in the coming financial year.

We request you to please come for a meeting with the trustees and the board of directors to our office on the 20th of August to finalise the course of action and the amount of investment that would be required for the same. The agenda of the meeting which is to be held on 20th August will be:

• Discuss the funds involved in the project
• Loan discussion
• Discussing the floors and wings of the building

Let us know your availability in the coming week so as to we could schedule a meeting with the architect to discuss the layout of the hostel.

In case of any changes are there at your end for the meeting held on 20th August, so we can reschedule the meeting accordingly.
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  • Sample approval letter to approve a proposal -Hemant Sharma (03/25/14)
  • Sample approval letter to approve a proposal

    We have read your innovative plans to improve our organisation’s communication and methodological processes. We would like to thank you for sending your proposal on the improvement of our inter department communication and methodological processes.

    We are very interested in your proposal and believe that your ideas are workable and would like to have you come on board to take further action for the same.

    We agree that it is a very sensitive area that we will have to work on. However, you did highlight a lot of important areas which require instant attention. As such, we also believe that you can make a huge contribution to the betterment of new and more effective processes.

    Enclosed is our policies and procedures handbook that you need to go through before you decide on joining the head supervisory team for this particular project. This handbook will explain your job description for the duration of this project.

    If you have any questions, please call me on my number. If you are willing to accept our work requirements, please drop a mail or give me a call before the weekend to discuss the project in depth.

    We are looking forward to have you on board with us on this exciting project.