Sample business letter for Sale of product or services

Sample business letter for Sale of product or services

With great keenness I present before you an interest to sell through your prolific platform, our newly launched product/service from ABC Ltd.

Our product, XYZ is a fresh launch and filled with features of consumer’s interest. We kept the interests and demands of consumers in view to make sure that XYZ will allure customers with both its distinctive features and affordable pricing.

It is for the very first time in India when a product with such benefits is being made available by a brand our people have been trusting since 30 years. XYZ comes with a guarantee of consumer satisfaction and a money-back offer on any complaint. We do assure you an evidently profitable business in this contract.

The attachment contains the details about the features of our product and an analysis of the profitability that comes along with the selling of XYZ.
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