Sample business letter for Sponsorship

Sample business letter for Sponsorship

I am glad to present you this sponsorship opportunity on behalf of my company, XYZ Ltd. We are proud to have been a dedicated organiser of the ABC event every year. This year the event is scheduled for (date).

We are taking a step forward this year for promotions of the event with advertisements that will be aired on national television, banners all over the city and nearby towns as well, and merchandise like printed t-shirts and caps that will be made available on select reputed stores.

Our plans for this year’s event are a larger one that would comfortably accommodate a huge audience. The event will be enchanted by the presence of the well known rock band (name), and some other regional performers like (names). The show is determined to be a huge success ensuring you a good return on your sponsorship amount.

Along with that, you can choose to be featured on our television advertisement, banners and the specially designed merchandises respective of the amount you opt to contribute. Below are the details of the same:

Television advertisements, banners and merchandise – Rs. - -

Television advertisements and banners – Rs. - -

Banners and merchandise – Rs. –

Banners only – Rs. - -

Merchandise only – Rs. - -

We would be extremely grateful if you contribute towards the sponsorship of our event. Attachment contains detailed information regarding the same. Kindly let us know if you are interested within the next 4 days.
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  • RE: Sample business letter for Sponsorship -Lubna Lakdawala (03/13/14)
  • Sample business letter for Sponsorship

    We are writing to you on behalf of Abc organization to ask for assistance for our upcoming conference being held 15th May 2014 in Mumbai. Our annual conference is an event that brings people together for mutual support, education and inspiration. We have grown over the years and this is our 12th gathering, we are expecting huge attendance from all over the country.

    As always, we are striving to bring as many people as possible. You know that many of students, families and individuals cannot afford the expense of the conference fee. Our priority, indeed the reason for our existence as an organization, is to help them. At the same time, we want to make the conference itself an absolutely memorable event. We are pleased that several acclaimed and keynote speakers have agreed to preside over the conference.

    Could you help us by sponsoring this event? We assure you that your generous sponsorship will contribute towards the promotion of technology and education and how it has brought a paradigm shift in the modern age. In appreciation for your contribution we will be delighted to feature your name and logo in our promotional materials, and will acknowledge your assistance at all appropriate opportunities. Representatives from your organization are more than welcome to be our guest for the conference so that we may thank you personally.

    We are putting every possible effort to make the conference a well-attended conference and also looking forward for your favorable response.