Sample complain letter to school

Sample complain letter to school

As a principal, I understand your precious time and duties. As a responsible parent, I want to bring a very serious issue to your notice, that has been occurring within your school premises for the past 1 week.

A gang of nearby slum dwelling boys are gaining entry within the school premises, who pass lewd comments on the girls of senior classes.

My daughter, ABC, is a student of class IX 'A' of your institution. I have already met the school guard and his supervisor, who are totally unaware of the happening, which is highly irresponsible on their part. Furthermore, I have also spoken to her class teacher, but the matter is still continuing.

As this is a highly serious and unacceptable issue both for the students, as well as the school authorities, I expect a speedy action from your side. If required, I can meet you personally and accompany you with the written complaint signed by all other parents to seek police help.

Awaiting a positive response at the earliest.

Thanking you.
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  • Sample complain letter to school -Renita Rodrigues (03/31/14)
  • Sample complain letter to school

    My daughter, ABC, is an eighth grade student of your school. As a parent I am concerned about her overall progress. She has been telling me about how poor the library facilities are at the school.

    I am writing you this letter since the school has always encouraged us to send in our suggestions or complaints. My complaint is regarding the poorly stocked books at the library.

    My daughter is an avid reader and she is terribly disappointed due to unavailability of informative books and novels. The reading room is also not something to boast of, the facilities being sub standard.

    I am certain you would understand what an important role books play in a child’s overall development. Reading keeps a person mentally alert and active along with enriching one’s vocabulary. Hence requesting you to kindly update the reading material at the library and enhance the reading room as well.

    I understand your many responsibilities as a principal. However I believe this matter to be also of grave concern. Please do the needful at your earliest.

    Thanking you in anticipation.