Sample congratulation letter for Birth or adoption of a child

Sample congratulation letter for Birth or adoption of a child

Heartiest congratulations on the arrival of the new family member. After 9 long months of pain and suffering you finally have a little angel at your doorstep. I am sure you and John must be on cloud nine at the moment.

A child is a source of joy. A baby girl spreads happiness in the entire house through her laughter. You and John are surely very lucky to be the proud parents of a little darling. As a couple you both have entered into a new phase of life. It is the beginning of a new family life where you are entirely responsible for a human being. After 4 years of marriage this baby will fill your lives with new excitement and joy.

I am sure you will be the perfect mother and John the perfect father. The little angel could not have been born in a better family than yours. She looks like a complete doll and I am sure she will definitely look like her beautiful mother in future.

It’s time for both the parent to support each other to raise the child as a nice human being. It is good to hear that you have taken off from work for a couple of months to stay back home and take care of the little one. I wish all the best to the three of you for a happy family. Once again, Congratulations!
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  • Sample congratulation letter for Birth or adoption of a child -Ritika Srivastava (03/25/14)
  • Sample congratulation letter for birth or adoption of a child

    Congratulations lady on your big day. This is the most precious day for every woman in her life and it is a beloved feeling to become a mother. A beautiful baby has come to sparkle your life with joy and happiness. We are very happy at the arrival of the little one in your family. We wish the new entrant will fill the void space in your life and will be a marital bliss for the new mother and father.

    Hope your child wins the hearts of myriad people, achieve success and make your family felicitous and kindle the livelihood.

    Baby is the most precious gift sent by god. Here’s wishing you many happy moments with little one and welcoming your parenthood.