Sample congratulation letter for Graduation

Sample congratulation letter for Graduation

I am delighted to know of your graduation results. I and the rest of the family congratulate you on the successful completion of your graduation degree in BSC in Chemistry. You are the first member of our family who has done majors in chemistry. We are all greatly proud of you.

Not only have you completed your degree but you have also secured the first rank in your university. This adds to the pride for all of us. Knowing that chemistry is the toughest course in your university, you still managed it so very well. You have become an inspiration in the family for all your younger brothers and sisters. They all look up to you and inspire to become as brilliant as you.

With your perseverance and dedication, you have gained all this today. You have kept your patience and have not been distracted by anything. This commitment and zeal has brought you here today. I am sure you are planning for further PhD studies now. With such brilliant results, all the top universities will want you to become a part of them.

I wish you all the success for your future. You deserve all the fame, recognition and happiness in the world. Only a student as loyal as you can pass with such flying colors. Always stay as committed as you are now and excel in all the fields. Our best wishes are with you. We hope to hear many more stories of your success in the future.
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  • Sample congratulation letter for Graduation -Ritika Srivastava (03/25/14)
  • Sample congratulation letter for graduation

    I would like to heartily congratulate you on completion of your graduation. May your success today be the start of tomorrow’s achievements. Graduation is a very important and turning point in the life of any student as it defines the future course of his career and thus his ambitions. There are many youngsters who see graduation as just another degree but the way you dealt with your graduation and your sincerity towards the degree is just mirrored in your mark sheet.

    With this, you have raised the bar very high and we all will be expecting much more from you in further studies. Your decision to go for a research in foreign university is commendable and we wish that you successfully complete the research and achieve fame and name in the same.

    I am too glad to realise that your future prospects are very good and I wish you all the best for the same. Also, after the graduation a student becomes a new and grown person who is old enough to weigh the pros and cons of his decisions in life. I hope that you fulfill that criteria and carry along your parents’ expectation to another level.

    Again, many congratulations to you for successfully completing the degree