Sample congratulation letter for Marriage

Sample congratulation letter for Marriage

I wish you heartiest congratulations on the occasion of your wedding. Finally the big day is arriving and you are getting married to the love of your life.

I am truly overjoyed to hear the news of your wedding with John and can’t wait to attend your wedding ceremonies. John and you have been together since the past 7 years, and it feels great to now see the two of you tie the knot of togetherness. 7 years back, when both of you got to know each other there was a spark between you both and we knew this was something special and extraordinary. But none of us could guess that this friendship would turn into something so big.

I wish that the love and passion between you and your future husband remains forever and grows with every passing day. You both will now learn more about each other and face all tough situations of life together.

I am sure you will be a wonderful wife. John is lucky to have a wife like you who will always be with him in happiness and in sickness.

I wish both of you all the best for this wonderful journey which you’ll are going to embark upon. Wish you years of togetherness for a lifetime.
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  • Sample congratulation letter for Marriage -Ritika Srivastava (03/25/14)
  • Sample congratulation letter for marriage

    Wedding is a bond made in heaven and the people who meet their match on earth are very lucky. I am so glad that you are one of them and finally you met your soul mate under the heavenly bond called “wedding”. I, on behalf of my whole family congratulate you for the recent development in your life –the marital bliss.

    We wish that you both stay together for and forever in the lifetime and witness a lot of happiness and prosperity. Wedding is not just a tie up of two people but also a bond between two families and two souls which become one. I wish both the families a very good relation which will blossom the life of the newlywed couple and provide both the families great relatives.

    May you both fulfill the requirements and responsibilities of this relation and maintain the sanctity of this bond. Two toast to both of you.