Sample congratulation letter for New Assignment

Sample congratulation letter for New Assignment

Congratulations on your new project! I heard from your sister the other day that you have been assigned the new project of Hansel ltd by your company UNIX. As an ex employee of UNIX I very well know your capabilities, and this news was no surprise to me. A diligent and sincere employee like you well deserves this great assignment.

I’m proud that you have made it so big today. You have proved your resourcefulness and I sincerely appreciate you for that. The company will be gratified to have an employee like you with them.

In the past, you have proved your credentials with your hard work and commitment which has borne such great results now. You are undoubtedly an asset to the company and with your mind blowing organizational and professional skills you will help the company scale new heights of achievement.

With such a fine past professional record and great experience in handling big projects, none other than you could have done justice to this assignment. Once again I congratulate you on this achievement of yours. I wish you all the very best for your successful future.
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  • Sample congratulation letter for New Assignment -Ritika Srivastava (03/25/14)
  • Sample congratulation letter for New Assignment

    We are very happy to know that you have finally got your dream assignment. We always knew that you can achieve the same. The way you completed your previous assignment was commendable especially in reference to the time of submission, before the mentioned deadline. The new assignment has been provided to you keeping in view the expectations raised from the earlier one.
    Also the new assignment will involve some ground level research and analysis.

    Any assignment carries a sense of responsibility and seriousness and you have just fit in the required criterion. We hope that your new assignment will be appreciated by our clients in the same manner as your previous one was.

    Hope you will complete it successfully within the deadlines and prove yourself.