Sample congratulation letter for Retirement

Sample congratulation letter for Retirement

On behalf of the entire company I congratulate you on your well deserved and long awaited retirement. You have spent nearly half of your life till now with us here in this company. 35 years of dedication and commitment from your end towards us is greatly appreciated and cannot be expressed in words.

You have always been an asset to this company and will remain a valuable member. Through your hard work and sincerity you have helped this company reach new heights of success and fame. Without your contribution this could not have been possible.

Not just a loyal employee of the company, you have also been a true inspiration for many of us. Plenty number of times all of us have taken your advice and have felt glad that we did the right thing by following you. You have been a true mentor, in short a friend, philosopher and guide to many of us. We were always rest assured that the clients are in good hand when you were in charge of them. Good feedback is all we have received for you from our customers.

Now you can enjoy the rest of your life spending time with your wife and grandchildren. You can do all those things which you have planned for. Your guidance and leadership will be greatly missed by this company. We wish you good luck.
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  • Sample congratulation letter for Retirement -Ritika Srivastava (03/25/14)
  • Sample congratulation letter for retirement

    My heartiest congratulations to you on your upcoming retirement. You have given your 60 years to this company honestly which is a great achievement in itself. There are many things which we can learn from your example and experience.

    Your genial attitude always helped you to adjust in every difficult time and boosted you to work firmly. You have survived in a formidable environment and contributed much towards the success of our company.

    We hope your retirement brings you the well deserved contentment and relaxation which you have earned in past years.

    We honor your commendable work and efforts for our company. You have touched the lives of your colleagues and have made a remarkable contribution. Our best wishes are always with you. May your journey enlighten your life and yes, you will certainly be missed.