Sample congratulation letter for Winning an award

Sample congratulation letter for Winning an award

We are proud to know that you have been awarded the “All rounder” award in your batch. This exciting news of you winning the award has filled us with extreme joy and pleasure. It’s difficult to express this joy in terms of words.

The news of your winning the award did not come as a surprise to us. Having known the amount of hard work you put in everything you do, this awards is a recognition of your talents. Since the very beginning of the term, we have all seen you thrive hard to achieve the best results. Along with studies, you have always participated in all extra co curricular activities. May it be sports, drama, art and craft or social service; you have always been in the top of the list for everything.

Your sincerity and passion to excel has borne such fruitful results. You kept your dedication firm and did not budge or give up any time in between, in spite of various attractions and this commitment has brought you here today.

Your parents must be feeling on top of the world because their son has achieved so much in such a little age. We wish you all the very best for your future endeavors and hope to hear many more stories of your success.

This award is just the begging of your glorious career. Keep up the good work!
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  • Sample congratulation letter for Winning an award -Ritika Srivastava (03/25/14)
  • Sample congratulation letter for winning an award

    In our hearts you have always been a winner but with the recent “best author” award, you have just reinstated our confidence in your talent. Congratulations to you for the recent landmark award which you have won with your sheer talent and impressive writing skills.

    It is a very big deal to receive such an honour when the competition is neck to neck and the competitors too good to be compared. Your book was not just one of the bestselling novel but also a very heart wrenching story which hits the right chords about women’s situation in the society and I being a woman feel very proud to read your creation.

    May god bless you and you keep achieving many other accolades in your future career.