Sample declination letter for proposal

Sample declination letter for proposal

We have recently received your proposal with regards to our company’s upcoming new products.

Thank you for your company’s interest in working with us. We were pleased to review and examine your proposal dated 25th February 2014.

With great regret we inform you that Abc Ltd is unable to accept you proposal for collaboration on these new products at the moment. Although your standards and commitment requirements surpassed our expectations, but due to our previous commitments and contract with RT Solutions, we are working with them for next two years.

However, we would like to keep your company open for possible future collaborations when such opportunities arise.

Thank you for your interest in Abc Ltd. products and we hope that collaboration opportunities will arise soon for both parties.
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  • Sample declination letter for proposal -Mayura Parab (03/23/14)
  • Sample declination letter for proposal

    We thank you for submitting your interior design proposal for the Wright Inc. offices in Mumbai. We appreciate the detailed planning you have shown in the proposal. However we have accepted a proposal of Mr. Singh instead of the one you submitted.

    As the chosen proposal was accepted by maximum board members. This proposal was also less expensive as compared to the one you submitted. We any ways thank you for submitting your proposal.
    We would be requiring many landscaping proposals in the near future and hope to hear from you for your services.

    Also if you could make your proposals within a said budget and time efficient it will be easier for us to give you an opportunity to work with us

    We are an equal opportunity employer and I am sure you will enjoy working with us.