Sample disagreement letter to employer for performance evaluation

Sample disagreement letter to employer for performance evaluation

I am writing this letter with regards to the recent performance evaluation held in the organization. While I respect your opinion, I believe it to be mistaken. I disagree with the negative evaluation of some of my successful projects.

For example I have successfully directed and persuasively presented proposal to executive team, for the e-Business program projected to earn 20 lacs per year.

My performance over the years has been constantly growing, I my attendance record and reliability has always been regular.

Keeping these factors in mind I would request you to please reconsider performance evaluation. Being the excellent manager that you are, I am positive that you will welcome what I have to say and act appropriately. I hope that this letter has given you a deeper understanding of my position on this issue.
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  • Sample disagreement letter to employer for performance evaluation -Vishal Mistry (10/17/17)
  • Hello all,

    I would like to know you that, I require one sample letter format in which i want to express my some thought like below,

    1) Unhappy with increment

    2) Disappointment with my collegue's promotion (It means i want to express politely in the letter that i am unhappy with my collegues promotion because actually i deserve that promotion)

    3) I want to express my whole year work

    Please provide me the sample polite letter of above matter including above three points which can help me to get good feedback from management.

    Vishal Mistry
  • Sample disagreement letter to employer for performance evaluation -Mayura Parab (03/23/14)
  • Sample disagreement letter to employer for performance evaluation

    I have completed in-depth discussions with the related teams and I would like to summarize what I've found and realized, my thoughts about what I need to do for the future. This is in regard to the observations in my performance evaluation for the year 2013-2014.

    Kindly consider these factors in the decision in the decision making process -

    Issues for improvement noted by Project Senior Manager Mr.James Brooks and my response to the same.

    Excessive Reviews leading to low productivity – In some areas of software testing analysis is very crucial to maintain correct outputs and deliver quality to the client. However excessive time spent in areas not crucial will henceforth be avoided by all means.

    Errors in deciding deliverables and conflicting inputs- There may be gaps in understanding clients requirements who are from the non-technical background which lead in errors. Greater thrust will be on avoiding conflicting inputs and deciding on goal priorities.

    Insufficient communication with team members and clients –This problem can be attributed to long leave of one of my team member Mr, Vivek Pradhan due to a family issue. Mr. Pradhan is in charge of client servicing and team co-ordination. He has since joined work and we are confident of bridging the communications gaps to avoid recurrence of the said issue.

    Further kindly find proof of constructive actions taken since my poor performance review. I need to :

    Take the initiative to identify changes which will make a concrete difference in the software release schedule.Be target oriented to see that the related changes are achieved in a reasonable time frame;Work closely with in-house team and managers to achieve a consensus about priorities and my task list.