Sample disciplinary letter to parents from school

Sample disciplinary letter to parents from school

This is to inform you about your child’s misconduct in school. Last Monday, February 17th, 2014 your child your child, Rahul Mehra was sent to my office today for fighting in the bathroom. The offense occurred during class hours.

As you know, this is not Rahul's first violation of the fighting regulations. As you may recall, I spoke to you last month after Rahul was caught fighting in the locker room. At that time he was given a verbal warning and told that I would not permit repetition of this behavior. Rahul generally behavior with his peers seems to a little destructive. He always found bullying or fighting with someone. I would recommend that he is need of counseling and that you take him to a reputed child counselor.

Since his behavior is repetitive and despite several written and oral warning it doesn’t seem to have changed our Discipline Code calls for a two-day suspension in this situation. Unfortunately Rahul will be suspended from school on 12th and 13th March 2014. It is required that one or both parents accompany the student on the day of his return.

As parents I am sure you would be able to handle this appropriately. You can help your child better understand our schools expectations and general conduct by taking time to speak with them. Your understanding and corporation is greatly appreciated.
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  • Sample disciplinary letter to parents from school -Mayura Parab (03/23/14)
  • Sample disciplinary letter to parents from school

    I am writing to inform you that our School board has found your child Master Raj guilty of breaking School’s code of conduct consecutively for the third time by bunking the lectures . This will create a wrong impression on the minds of our students. School board policy calls for an appointment with the ward and his respective parents in such cases. Our board policy requires you to be present for the meeting on the Friday the 15th of March 2014. If you remain unavailable strict disciplinary action will be taken against your ward.

    School Discipline Code calls for a week of suspension of your ward in this situation. Raj Tiwari will be suspended from school immediately if you fail to attend the meeting with the board.

    If your ward requires counseling our school has the best of counselors to help him.

    I hope you understand the importance of this letter and seriousness of the matter.