Sample dismissal letter to student from school, college

Sample dismissal letter to student from school, college

This letter represents the dismissal of your enrollment with Abc College. We officially dismiss you Mr. Neel Mehra from our institute.

As discussed earlier the reason for your termination is misconduct and poor academic performance. Despite having given you several warnings and speaking your parent there has been no improvement in your performance.

There have been regular complaints about from teachers and student regarding your unruly behavior. Your assignments and projects are not submitted on time and when they are, they are not up to the mark. You haven’t even attended the final semester exams.

Our institute has a code of conduct and this kind of behavior from you cannot be tolerated further. Thus we have no option but to dismiss you. We know that this will have a negative effect on your career, but you have left no room for us to give you another chance. Hope you take this as a turning point in your life and bring about the desired change in your life.
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  • Sample dismissal letter to student from school, college -Mayura Parab (03/23/14)
  • Sample dismissal letter to student from school, college

    We would like to inform you that your grades, have fallen below the required academic standards of our college. Due to which we want to inform you that your current enrollment for the third semester has been suspended and will be effective immediately. The college requires that all of our students maintain a minimum average of second class. .

    We understand that many students perform low in academic due to circumstances or personal issues. For this we avail the services of our counseling department which can help you with any issues.

    Your Status of Suspension will remain valid the college committee decides to remove your suspension. You can reappear in the exam again with good grades and appeal the board for by a written application for removal of suspension.