Sample get well soon letter to a friend

Sample get well soon letter to a friend

It was just the other day that I asked Joe about not seeing you at the gym since a week. This morning, I got to know of your illness and was taken aback. More so because of the health conscious and disciplined person that I’ve always known you to be. But the good thing is that you’re back home already without any major discomfort.

Me and Joe would be dropping in to see you tomorrow in the evening. Do let me know if we can get anything for you like something to eat, drink or just to pass your time at home. I’m sure you won’t hesitate in doing that, given the friendship we share. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about anything related to work. It will always go on. What’s more important at this time, is your health.

So just get well soon as we want you with us in all our hang outs , back again.
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  • Sample get well soon letter to a friend

    I am very sorry to hear regarding your illness. I rang you up yesterday just to know your and family’s general well-being, when your wife informed me of your sudden heart attack and the angioplasty surgery.

    I understand your state of health now, and you need to be more cautious than ever, now onwards. You should take utmost care of maintaining a calm attitude towards life. Avoid taking things to heart. Please strictly adhere to the diet plans suggested by the doctors and dietician. I understand it would not be all that easy on the first go, but your life means a lot to your near and dear ones. Eating balanced and nutritious diet will help you recover soon. Avoiding fats and consuming cholesterol-free things would be appreciable.

    I could have helped you out in the hospital itself, if I knew earlier. It is really difficult to manage home, kids and the patient at the hospital single-handedly. It would have been a tough time for your wife as well, managing everything with a heavy heart. Let me know if I can help you anyway, at home or outdoor activities that need immediate attention. I will be more than happy to be of any help to you.

    I hope you are not planning to resume your job any sooner. Though work is important to run family, but remember family is nothing without your presence. Please don’t think of joining before you become completely fine. Just getting discharged from the hospital doesn’t mean that you have recovered from weakness.

    I know you might not feel like entertaining visitors now. And it is more important for you to take complete rest. I would visit you in week’s time, after you come out of this crucial phase. Always remember, I am just a call away. Please don’t hesitate to give me a ring anytime.

    I will keep you in my prayers, for you to get well soon.