Sample get well soon letter to someone after surgery

Sample get well soon letter to someone after surgery

It was just the day before that I was wondering why I don’t see you at the Jogger’s Park these days in the morning. And today I got a call from Namit that you had met an accident a few days back and had undergone a ligament tear surgery of your leg.

I was literally shocked to hear about that. Yes, life is so unpredictable. You never know what it has in store for the next moment. However, the good thing is that you’re back home and already recovering. Thank God, you didn’t suffer any major disability, given the depth of the injury you suffered. Please follow the doctor’s instructions and be patient with the precautions he asks you to take in terms of food etc. I had to mention food here , knowing your love for food.

Me and Rishabh will drop by to keep a check on you every now and then, starting tomorrow evening sharp. This would help you kill time at home with all our pending gossips to share. Do let me know if you want me to get anything to eat or otherwise, except for drinks, of course. Just want you to get well at the soonest.

See you tomorrow dear.
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  • Sample get well soon letter to someone after surgery

    I am very sorry to hear regarding your accident and surgery. I visited your home to meet you and discuss regarding some insurance plans, when your neighbours informed me of your accident and surgery, and you still being in the hospital. It was very shocking to know the way you met the accident.

    It is not very easy to get stick to the bed, especially for people like you who hardly get time to sit for a while. I have always seen you on the go, rushing for some or the other work, with a big smile on your face. I cannot even imagine your situation. Its complete bad luck to get injured such a way, just doing a favour for someone else.

    I got to know that you were trying to save a slum child who was running across the road, when the nearby car over run on you. I understand your good jester of saving a life, and you would not have sensed the vehicle behind you. The mother of that kid was also there with your neighbour, when I visited your place. She was very guilty, as she felt her ignorance has staked your life. We have consoled her that you are fine now and will be discharged soon.

    I called up on your mobile phone and conversed with your wife. She told me of your thigh bone fracture and surgery has been performed with plate inserted. I understand the hospital stay would not be longer, as you have been shifted to the ward now, from I.C.U. But definitely, it will take time for you to resume to work. And this is not the correct time to even think of the official work.

    You are very bold to withstand the situation so courageously. Let me know if I can help you anyway at hospital or at home. I will be very pleased to be of any help to you. I will keep you in my prayers, for you to get well soon.

    May God bless a kind hearted person like you with a very long life. Take care friend.