Sample Goodbye letter to colleagues and boss after resignation

Sample Goodbye letter to colleagues and boss after resignation

As you might already know, today is my last working day as the Regional Head at XYZ Ltd. With this letter, I'd like to convey my gratitude towards the support and guidance I've been receiving throughout tenure in the organization.

Before I leave, I want to tell you that these 6 years of working with you has bestowed me with a great learning and exposure to the industry and the way it actually works. At this point in time, I go back to my initial days of. Work at XYZ Ltd. when you came in, shook hands and welcomed me to be a part of your team. Since then, there was no looking back. I've always admired your management techniques and the way you priorities things so flawlessly, not only at work but in your personal life as well. I only wish I could bring in the same perfection and expertise, wherever I am.

You'll always remain my mentor, my guidance and I'd always look forward to your advice and support in the days to come. Please feel free to reach me at my personal e-mail I'd


Best wishes.
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  • Sample Goodbye letter to colleagues and boss after resignation

    I take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks for all your support and guidance throughout. I have enjoyed working with you in ABC Pvt. Ltd. You had been my mentor, friend and guide, the one who is the sole reason for my extending my job in this organization.

    You had been an example for me. I have learnt to balance work and family, devoting time for everyone, satisfying everybody to their fullest, is really appreciable. The talent to handle work pressure without letting out on the team members, encouraging subordinates despite their mistake fetching you undue troubles, convincing the management for the welfare of employees; I have hardly known anyone with such great leadership quality.

    It has been 5 years relationship with this organisation. Of which I hardly remember any day that I regret for my stay here. I just want to make use of my much awaited opportunity, something of my field of experience. I joined this organization to keep myself busy, but always dreamt of utilizing my potential in my field of specialization. I don’t want to miss this golden opportunity serving the humanity.

    Nevertheless, I have learnt a lot from you and my colleagues during my work here. It’s really nice to learn a lot of new things which would have not been possible without all your support. Learning new things will definitely add to the knowledge and profile.

    Not only professionally, but our friendly relationship had given immense pleasure. I have always enjoyed gossiping with you at break time and after office hours. I have felt the same warmth and care with your family as if I am at home. I will always miss the evening tea time breaks at the roadside tea stall. The daily politics discussed with the tea and the heated arguments can never be forgotten.

    Though I am leaving with a heavy heart, I am happy to leave for a good reason. I will keep in touch always. Do give me a ring anytime you feel like. My contact number and email address will remain the same. Thank You for everything.