Sample Goodbye letter to employee from boss

Sample Goodbye letter to employee from boss

As you might already be knowing that this is my last day at work with you all as the Country Head, South-East Region at XYZ Internationals.

I decided to pen down this letter to let you know that these 13 years of our association is an unforgettably wonderful experience of my life. If not for your support and co-operation, I couldn't have made it to where I'm on this day.

For those not in the know, this was my first job and hence the foundation stone to my career and life. And yes, it’s indeed very strongly laid by this organization, especially with the kind of opportunities and exposure I've received in all these years. I'd like to thank all of you for your patience when I lost my temper, for staying back till late at night just to accompany me,

for the empathy you've shown when I had to take decisions that weren't much in favor of you and so much more that you've done to make my life easy and stress free. With the kind of professionalism and discipline you've always maintained at work, the biggest of issues seemed to be a cakewalk.

No matter where I am, wherever I be, you'll always remain my second family, being my first ever colleagues. Do be in touch and please feel free to reach me at my personal e-mail I'd:

Best regards.
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  • Sample Goodbye letter to employee from boss

    I want to inform you all regarding my new job, for the post of Senior Quality Manager at MNO Co-op Ltd. This is the much awaited and my long-time dream to join this organization. 7th Mar’14 will be my last working day.

    I take this opportunity to thank you all for all your support and co-ordination throughout. It would not have been possible for me to yield good results and perform well without your hard-work and timely support. You have always worked as a unit and kept my esteem high. Our team was a like a family, each member equally important. I always tried my best to project you all to the management, and would like to inform you that you all are on their good books. Do keep up your good work and all of you can expect a hike very soon, either in terms of your grade, or designation. It’s going to add to your valets soon.

    Our relationship had always been friendlier and we have spent good time despite the routine work. I remember our team outings, our break schedules and or tea time gossips. Every moment adds a smile on my face. All your good efforts to keep me happy and free of tension during the worst phase of my health, can never be forgotten. I remember you people trying to make me smile when I got admitted with heart attack. My heart utters a million thanks for each one of you.

    There had been times, when I had been harsh with you, scolded you or burst out my anger. I sincerely apologise for those times; nothing personal with that. It was just out of work pressure. I hope you understand a person could emit his anger only on near and dear ones. As I considered you all as my own and had full confidence on you, that’s the reason I felt my right to guide you all. Kindly don’t take my words to heart.

    I bid goodbye to all of you and wish you all a successful career and happy life ahead. Do keep in touch. You can reach me anytime on my personal email address – or give a ring on my mobile number.

    Thank you all once again.