Sample Goodbye letter to students from teacher

Sample Goodbye letter to students from teacher

As you all might have already heard the rumors about me leaving, I hereby confirm the same. It makes me as much upset as it does to you, the fact that we won't be starting our day together with those giggles and chuckles that I always used to scold you all for during the attendance.

It used to irritate me when some of you didn't listen to me but today when I know I won't have you all around all day, it really hurts from within. My 10 year long association has been the most enthralling and loving experience with the warmth you've shared with me as your Class Teacher.

They say, teachers are the parent away from home. Now I know, it isn't just a saying, but a reality. Just the thought of not seeing you anymore, disturbs me. But there are other priorities on the family front, that you might someday understand.

But, no matter where we are, I'm always there for each one of you. Do keep in touch with me on my personal e-mail I'

Best of luck for your life ahead.
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  • RE: Sample Goodbye letter to students from teacher -elisha (12/02/14)
  • thanks for the good message
  • RE: Sample Goodbye letter to students from teacher -Kanika Vig (07/17/14)
  • it is a holy bullshit.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • RE: Sample Goodbye letter to students from teacher -Deepa Kaushik (03/11/14)
  • Sample Goodbye letter to students from teacher

    It was a great time with you all. I have always enjoyed spending time with you all. It is very sad to get parted from your batch. But I am helpless, as I have to move to Pune for my higher education. My last working day will be 13th Mar’14 and I would love to go for a lunch with all of you.

    I always feel students should be treated as friends. Though I have always been discouraged for this attitude of mine; I have never felt my decision to be wrong. Especially after getting true gems like you people, no tutor will ever have to feel ashamed anytime in life. I proudly share the incidences and stories about the time spent with you all with my family and friends. They are equally eager to meet all of you.

    Such a feeling had never propped in me, as if I am missing out a precious thing of mine behind. Definitely It’s not one things but each and every one of you are no less that priceless gems. I want all of you to come out with flying colours, get well settled in life; and earn loads and loads of respect and prosperity along with money. My blessings will always remain with my students.

    I take this opportunity to invite all of you for lunch on 16th Mar’14, that is Sunday at my residence at 12/13, B-Block, XYZ Colony, New Bombay. It would be a great pleasure for me spending time with my students. You will also get a chance to meet my family members. Let me know your preferences for the food, I would love preparing that myself. We will also have some music and dance after the lunch.

    I hereby bid goodbye to all of you. May all your dreams come true. God bless you to achieve your goals and earn utmost love and care from every one. Keep up good work. You all have my contact number; stay in touch.