Sample Insurance claim Appeal letter

Sample Insurance claim Appeal letter

This is with reference to my letter dated January 15, 2014 where in I had submitted my claim letter and all the supporting documents against my Unit Link Insurance Policy number ULIP00987 requesting for immediate release of my claim.

According to the policy features, the claim is settled within two weeks of receipt of all the documents. However, I have not received the claim nor any communication from your end regarding the same.

My daughter is getting married next month and I am in immediate need of funds. This is the reason this request was sent to you in January but even after a month and a half, no action has been taken from your end.

Hence, this is an urgent appeal that kindly release my claim at the earliest and make this association a stronger one.

Thanking you!
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  • Sample Insurance claim Appeal letter -Farhana Afreen (03/21/14)
  • Sample insurance claim appeal letter

    I appeal for a reconsideration of the health insurance claim of my father, Mr. ABC, which you rejected on the ground that your policy doesn’t cover minor treatments.

    My father has been diagnosed of a major heart disease on the (date). It has been almost a year that my father was being treated for this disease at the (hospital’s name) under the treatment of (doctor’s name). This doctor is an expert cardiologist in our city and has a reputation of successful treatment of heart diseases.

    The doctor had earlier prescribed a medication of few months to examine the effect of treatments but recently he notified us that a Bypass Open-heart surgery has to be done within a month. My father’s medical reports suggest that his condition is worsening and that an operation has to be done the next month. This is not a minor treatment and is covered by your insurance policy.

    In support of my statement, I have attached a copy of the following signed documents:

    1. Medical report by (doctor’s name)

    2. An advance statement of expense in the operation by (hospital’s name)

    3. Medicine expenses till date.

    I shall be grateful if the company cooperates with us in this state of emergency where we are in an instant need of the insured amount. Thank you for your consideration in advance.