Sample Insurance claim Demand letter

Sample Insurance claim Demand letter

This is to bring to your kind attention that I hold an accidental insurance policy with ABCL Insurance Ltd since 2009.

On February 01, 2014, I was hit by a truck while I was on my evening walk. Before, I could note the number of the truck, it disappeared. I was rushed to the hospital by my neighbours and have been diagnosed with a fracture in two ribs and a knee dislocation. I have been discharged from Hemraj Jain Hospital, C-52, Janak Puri, New Delhi – 110058 today morning. The details of the expenses incurred by me are as follows. I would like to get my claim for the same at the earliest against my accidental insurance plan.

Policy Number: ACCP0987
X – Ray Charges: Rs 1000/-
Hospitalization charges: Rs 5000/- (Rs 2,500/- per day)
Medicines and ointments: Rs 1500/-
Total expenses: Rs 7,500/-

The medical bills and hospitalization papers are attached for your reference.

Thanking you!
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  • Sample Insurance claim Demand letter -Farhana Afreen (03/21/14)
  • Sample insurance claim demand letter

    As notified to your executive over a phone call, I faced a car accident at the ABC road on the 7th of February at around 8 pm. I was on my way back home, when my car was hit by a truck to its sides. I am writing this to claim for the insurance amount that I am liable to receive.

    I have suffered from a serious fracture on my left hand and a throbbing head injury which has got me ridden to bed for the next 45 days. This has not only resulted in a hospital bill of Rs. XXXXX but has also cost me work loss in the days that follows. A copy of the hospital bill is attached with this letter.

    My car is badly smashed and scratched to its sides. The cost of its repair shall exceed Rs. XXXXX as confirmed by the car repairing agency. I have attached a copy of their confirmation slip with this letter.

    I am free from legal charges of the accident. It was entirely the fault of the drunk driver of the truck which has cost me this huge loss. A copy of the confirmation letter from the traffic and local police has been attached with this letter. The signatures of the eye witnesses of the accident are also taken in the police record.

    I believe I am liable to receive the insurance amount without any delay since the documentation procedure has been aptly taken care of. I shall appreciate if the amount I demand from the insurance company is confirmed sooner.