Sample Insurance claim Dispute letter

Sample Insurance claim Dispute letter

This is with reference to my letter dated January 15, 2014 where in I had submitted my claim letter and all the supporting documents against my Unit Link Insurance Policy number ULIP00987 requesting for immediate release of my claim.

I have received the claim cheque today from your end. However, I am really disappointed that the amount received is only Rs 1, 00,500/-. As per the policy features, the amount is calculated at the NAV of the day when the request for cancellation of the policy is received.
On January 15, 2014 when I had initiated this request, the NAV was 1.56. According to that, the total amount that should be paid against my policy should be Rs 1, 05,000/-

I would like to know why I have received Rs 4,500/- less in my claim. Kindly provide me an immediate explanation along with a fresh cheque to avoid any legal action against ANBCL Insurance ltd.

Thanking you!
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  • Sample Insurance claim Dispute letter -Farhana Afreen (03/21/14)
  • Sample insurance claim dispute letter

    I completely disagree to the meager amount which the insurance company has settled upon to pay me for the damage to my property due to short-circuiting and fire.

    My property worth (amount) has suffered undeniably huge damage due to fire that broke out in my garment showroom. Apart from loss of properly, I also faced a big financial loss since the garments at shop were burnt beyond repair. This has resulted in a loss of another (amount).

    I am astounded to see the company’s readiness to settle the insurance claim at such lesser amount. The inspection officer who regularly visited my showroom after the incident had confirmed that the loss is big and that a fair settlement shall be reached upon from the company. I have waited for months and its peak time that I should begin to restart my business.

    I have submitted all the required documents from time to time. With this letter I have enclosed a copy of the receipt of products from my distributor and from the factory that supplied me the garments. These are all dated closest the month in which the incident occurred. Previously, I had submitted my sales receipts of that month. You can now determine the amount of loss of products in my showroom.

    Totaling all the aforementioned expenses, my insurance claim is for (expected amount).

    I have submitted the furniture billings earlier and the billings of the repair charges. I request you to cooperate and decide upon a fair settlement of insured amount.