Sample Insurance claim Withdrawal letter

Sample Insurance claim Withdrawal letter

I would like to cancel my life term insurance policy with ABCL Ltd. I have been really dissatisfied with your agent and the services provided by him.

Hence, I request you to cancel my policy today and send me a confirmation letter for the same. As per the policy features, thirty three percent of the total premiums paid will be cancelled as service charges in case the policy is cancelled before maturity. You may kindly send the cheque for the remaining amount along with the cancellation letter at the earliest. The details of the policy are as below:

Policy Number: ABBC0987
Name of the insured: Mr. Raj Sharma
Annual premium: Rs 75,000/-
Number of premiums paid: three

Thanking you!
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  • Sample Insurance claim Withdrawal letter -Farhana Afreen (03/21/14)
  • Sample insurance claim withdrawal letter

    I am writing this in order to withdraw the claim of Rs. XXXXXX from the XYZ insurance company regarding the accident I faced on the 6th of October 2013.

    I am taking this measure not out of any pleasure but simply out of frustration of bad response that the company has been giving me since the past 5 months. I have patiently waited for months for the settlement of the assured amount. I have rendered all cooperation that the company needed in order to settle the claim but I am distressed to say that it was all in vain. I have received a very unprofessional response from the executives of the company.

    My insurance claim was of Rs. XXXXXX for the car accident I faced. I have not only suffered physically but financially too. To add to my distress, the insurance company has made me suffer mentally as well. Whenever I tried to contact the company for the insurance claim, all I received was a demand for some more documents. I strived to provide each of them. Below is the list of documents I have submitted as of today.

    At the end when no more documents could be asked from me, they started assuring me that a legal documentation shall be made from their lawyer and only after that, my insurance claim shall be granted. It has been over 3 months and I have received no response on this matter.

    I am disheartened enough to make any more annoyingly unprofessional contact with the company. Therefore, I end all the claims of insurance that I have with this company. The company is no more required to make efforts to settle my claim.

    In a situation, where the company is bound to reimburse my insurance by the court of law, this withdrawal shall not be considered valid.