Sample invitation letter for Visa

Sample invitation letter for Visa

This is to introduce Mr. John Mathews from XYZ Ltd. and that you are hereby requested to issue a One-year multiple-entry Visa to Mr. John Mathews.

We are pleased to invite Mr. John Mathews for a customer visit to the UK to be held from 19th April,’14 to 30th Nov., ’14 at RAC Motors Ltd., Bristol, UK., and to attend a series of business meetings thereafter.

Mr. John Mathews, has been employed at RAC Motors Ltd., UK, as a Business Relationship Manager for a period of 6 years. His purpose for travel to UK is to conduct a series of business discussions with the staff in the UK office of the company.

Specializing in Business development, his field of discussion will be ‘Acquisition of New Business’ with his team in UK. Herein, he is requesting a One year multiple entry visa as he would need to make this trip at least thrice more within the next twelve months.

During this trip, Mr. John Mathew’s primary contact in the UK will be:

Contact Name: Ms. Carol Andrade

Company: RAC Motor Ltd.

Full address: 56, Woody Street, Bristol, UK

Contact number: +447456321980

During his visit, he will be staying at:

17, Ravenshaw Street, Bristol, UK
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  • Sample invitation letter for Visa

    I just got mummy’s call informing your sudden heart attack. I wish to be with you. I was just remembering my childhood days; the times spend with you, morning walk with you, playing with you, everything so nice. I want you both to stay here for 6 months, with me in U.K. I would get the complete medical check-up for you here.

    I understand your work pressure, and that’s the reason I always ask you to quit the job, soon after me joining the job. But you have never considered my requests. Your nature of job is not so easy-going and demands high attention and need to be alert all the time. This could have been the main reason of your health hazard. You also fail to take care of you meals; skipping either your lunch or dinner most of the time. Doctors already have informed you of your high cholesterol and lifestyle management.

    Your health needs much attention now. I am arranging for your Visa and send you the air-tickets. One of my friends ABC will help you get the Visa. He will also help you to pack things and make further arrangements. I will also arrange for both of your medical insurance, and make facilities for you to carry on with your treatment here in London.

    Be assured, you will not face any inconvenience. I will make sure for you to feel as if at home. But it is totally unacceptable for you to carry on with the job now. And I am not ready to leave you both alone there, as you will again search for some or the other job, without taking care of your health.

    I am eagerly waiting to spend some nice time with both of you.