Sample leave letter for a holiday

Sample leave letter for a holiday

My name is Maria Efron (Emp. No. 654321) and I’m currently in charge of the Investment department.

This is regarding the ten day leave that I’d require at this point in time, starting from the coming Monday (i.e. 24th Feb,’14) to the next Friday (i.e. 6th Feb,’14). It becomes more
important for me to ask for a leave since my younger sister is getting married on the 27th of this month and I need to fly down to Bristol, UK , in order to be a part of the ceremony.

In case there’s anything urgent coming up in between, I’m always a phone call away. However, I’m already doing my best to ensure that no work is kept pending and that nothing hinders my colleagues on the work front relating to my absence. In order to keep my department’s functioning smooth and transparent, I’ve come up with an amply effective Plan of Action for the days that I might not be around with my fellow colleagues and the same would be explained to my team at the right time. I do understand that this is the ending of a financial year and thus a crucial time for business, especially in the banking industry that we’re a part of. But then, there are other priorities which need to be catered to, more so because it’s an auspicious event for the family and my presence at my only sister’s wedding is inevitable, as you might have already understood.

Hope the importance of the circumstances be considered and the request for a leave would be granted at the earliest.
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  • Sample leave letter for a holiday

    I am ABC, junior executive operations. I am writing to request leaves this summer holiday season from 16th May’14 to 31st May’14. I want to inform yourself well in advance to ensure the sanction of my leave request.

    I am well aware of my job and responsibilities. I will make sure to complete the projects being assigned to me before I leave. Please be assured to get the quality work as ever, as I myself don’t prefer compromising with the work quality.

    I intend to attend the summer camp this year with my daughter, as they have a vacancy for the “volunteer instructors” in the camp. This is a free camp held every year for the children of lower socio-economic strata. My daughter attend this camp to help the children with teaching the basic hygiene. I want to utilize this opportunity this year, to serve the needy children.

    The camp co-ordinators also collect donations for teaching these children in the form of cash, books, note-books, stationary articles etc. If anyone interested in installing computer systems or related items, they are most welcome. The articles goes directly to the XY Orphanage School, located in 2/13, East Patel Nagar, Delhi. If you can extend your helping hand in this noble cause by circulating a notice in the office for any donations, it would be a great help for the children.

    I have not taken any leaves for the past couple of years, and my PLs have accumulated enough. I would like to take my PL. I will also apply for the leaves on the Attendance Management System. Kindly approve my leave request.

    Thanking you in anticipation.