Sample legal letter for Breach of contract

Sample legal letter for Breach of contract

This letter is being written to discuss the contract we signed on February 25, 2014 according to which you had to send me the first 100 samples of the water bottles latest by March 01, 2014. However, neither have I received any sample nor a request from your end to extend the dead line for the same. My entire production has stopped since last two days and I have suffered huge financial losses due to the same.

Irrespective of repeated phone calls and emails from my team, we have not received any favorable response from your end. Hence, due to these reasons you are in breach of this contract.

You may contact me immediately and explain by when the water bottles can be delivered to my production unit. A lack of the same from your end by 5.00 pm tomorrow will lead to a legal action against you and your organization.

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  • Sample legal letter for Breach of contract -Farhana Afreen (03/21/14)
  • Sample legal letter for breach of contract

    This letter comes with a notification of breach of contract made between you and XYZ Ltd. on the day of your joining us, (date). It grieves us to inform you that your actions have been found to be against the clauses of our contract.

    According to our deed of contract, you were supposed to be following the policies very strictly but it seems that you have taken them nonchalantly right from the very beginning. The head of the department has also reported warning you several times to be cautious of terms and conditions laid down upon you.

    Since you have not taken any of the warning seriously, it leaves us with no other option than to send you a legal warning for breach of contract. Following clauses of the contract have been breached by you on more than one occasion:

    1. Maintaining confidentiality wherever asked and required.

    2. No personal calls and meetings should be done at office hours except in case of emergencies.

    3. Verbally defaming co-workers and any person related to XYZ Ltd. is strictly prohibited.

    4. Unprofessionalism of any kind shall not be entrained while dealing with clients or colleagues.

    You have breached the aforementioned clauses of the contract despite being warned several times. This letter warns you of legal action that shall be taken against you if you do not stop these actions immediately. Complaints from those who are being negatively affected by your actions could suspend you from office legally or in some case even lead to termination from your current post.

    You are required to send an apology letter for this breach of contract with an assurance that this kind of behavior shall not be seen from your side in future.