Sample legal letter for Defamation

Sample legal letter for Defamation

I am the lawyer for Mr. Ranvir Singh and I am writing this letter to you on his behalf.

You have posted statements about Mr. Ranvir Singh in your magazine: Bolly Masala that are false and defamatory and they have caused significant harm to his image. You are required to take corrective actions immediately by not only retracting those statements but also rendering an apology to him for the same.

You stated that “he uses abusive language with his colleagues “. Rounds of discussions with his colleagues have proved that your statement is baseless. All his colleagues respect him and have assured that he is really humble and well behaved.

The statements taken by his colleagues have been attached for your reference and legal case has been filed against you. To cut the matter shot, you may retract your statements and render him a public apology. You are expected to do the same within next 24 hours, failure of which will initiate the legal proceedings.

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  • Sample legal letter for Defamation -Farhana Afreen (03/21/14)
  • Sample legal letter for defamation

    This is regarding the defamatory behavior of your company staffs and employees towards my client, Mr. XYZ. I, being his attorney asks you to see to it that the order of cease and desist of slander should be put into action immediately.

    My client is a respectable person with good learning and character as a person holding an honorable position at your office should be. There have been rumours amongst your employees regarding the health issues of my client. They have been accusing him of taking illegal drugs and engaging in anti-social activities. I guarantee you that the accusation is utterly false and bears no resemblance to any factual situation.

    My client is undergoing a treatment for a disease that requires him to take medicines and injections on a regular basis. His medical reports and confirmation slips are attached with this letter. My client has made all attempts to make the co-workers understand his medical conditions but they continued to defame him verbally and through text messages on phone.

    These harassing behaviors of your employees have led to worsening of my client’s medical conditions due to stress and depressions to the extent that he is undergoing psychological consultaions at present. Attached along with this letter is the report of the consultant and the billing associated.

    You are required to get this order delivered amongst your employees that this should be ceased and desisted immediately else further legal action shall be taken on the ground of defamation of a person’s reputation. In such a case the person shall be liable by the court of law for charges and payments of the person’s bills.