Sample letter about a harassment

Sample letter about a harassment

I am Simran Khanna working with your company as a front office executive from last three years. I want to register complaint for sexual harassment against Mr. Ashwin Agrawal who is working as a supervisor in the same office.

Mr. Agrawal keeps on texting me inappropriate messages every now and then. There are a number of phone calls being made by him on the direct intercom line with no official reason for the calls made. To maintain the integrity and decorum of the office I am directly bringing the problem to the senior management. I have not discussed the matter with anyone else till this time. The complaint made is true and is far away from an imaginary story telling. It is nothing but the fact which you can know once you start with the investigation process.

I am writing you with the hope that the matter discussed should be kept confidential and necessary actions should be taken to address the matter.
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  • Sample complaint letter about a harassment

    I wish to register a complaint regarding the harassment I have received from my boss, Mr. Adrian Smith. Mr. Smith is currently Head of Personnel at the HR department in Selfridge’s East London store. I am writing to the management of Selfridge Luxury stores in hopes that some action will be taken against Mr. Smith. I have been employed in the capacity of personal assistant to Mr. Smith for 5 months now. Though he was initially polite and courteous at work, he is currently very petulant and querulous. He constantly harasses me regarding the speed of my typing and my work apparel. He makes rude and sarcastic comments about me in front of others as well as when I am alone with him.

    Last night, I was frightened further by his rude and aggressive conduct. He telephoned me at 2:00 am last night and complained that he would get me fired if I did not report to the office at 4:00 am and tend to some of his office tasks. Working hours at any Selfridge stores are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. For any employee to be working at hours such as 4:00 am is not only against company rules, it is also a violation of labour laws. I am strongly in favour of seeking legal action against the continuous mental harassment by Mr. Smith. If no action is taken against his unacceptable conduct by Friday, I will be speaking to my lawyer for initiating a case against Mr. Smith as an employee of Selfridges for mental abuse and harassment towards me.