Sample letter about an error in the bill

Sample letter about an error in the bill

I am writing you to throw light on the billing error made in my last month bill of mobile connection. The bill has an outstanding amount of Rs 900 whereas as per my information it should be RS 500.

I have a mobile connection by the name of Ananya Bhatia of your company. The mobile number is 98888-88888. I bought the number 3 months back from your retail outlet at Adarsh Vihar. I bought the post paid connection with a rental plan of RS 500 beyond which I cannot use my number to make any calls. As and when the usage will come to RS 500 my mobile number services will be terminated. It was a fixed rate plan. Till two months I received the right bill and suddenly the third month brought a shocking bill at my door. The last month bill states the outstanding amount to be Rs900.

It is not possible that my bill can exceed Rs 500 with the subscribed rental plan. Therefore I request you to correct the mistake as soon as possible.
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  • Sample complaint letter about an error in the bill

    I am writing to complain about an error in the bill you have sent me for the books I purchased from your website. As a leading website for non-fiction books, you do provide products that are top grade. However, the bill for the books was double the actual amount. The particulars regarding my purchase are listed below.

    Books Ordered:

    1. Book Title: How To Win Money At The Stock Market

    Author: John MacDonald
    Publisher: Ernest & Smith Book Company
    Year of Publication: 2001
    Edition: 2nd ed., Hardback Cover
    ISBN: ST-457976100
    Cost: $500

    2. Book Title: Making Money Online

    Author: Jeremy Jones
    Publisher: Glad Publishing House
    Year of Publication: 2009
    Edition: 3rd ed., Paperback Cover
    ISBN: JH-9837504100
    Cost: $400

    3. Book Title: Boosting Investor Confidence

    Author: Mark Twister
    Publisher: Little Paradox Publishing Company
    Year of Publication: 2010
    Edition: 4th ed., Hardback Cover
    ISBN: KJ-7856834100
    Cost: $500

    Total Cost: $1400.00

    The details of the bill provided to me are below:
    Bill Number: 987374821
    Bill Amount: $2800

    Please get the error checked immediately so that I can make the correct payment. I am certain that the error may be due to a computer malfunction. Regardless of whether this is an inadvertent or technical error, please get the bill corrected. I would also be grateful if you could acknowledge the receipt of this letter.