Sample letter about an objectionable radio or television broadcast

Sample letter about an objectionable radio or television broadcast

Television has always stayed an open source of entertainment in our house, and we never said no to our kids for watching the television. But today we are disappointed with the shows aired on the prime time everyday.

Our family has always stayed the fan of your TV channel. Even we never stopped our kids from watching any show on your channel. But the program with title Love and the after life that has started last week is showing the scenes beyond an acceptable level. The content is not appropriate to be seen by kids as well as the teenagers. You should understand that yours is a family channel which has the audience of all age groups. It is not at all ethical to bring such kind of shows on a local channel.

We are your loyal viewers and expect that this matter would be looked after seriously. It is not about one show but about retaining the million viewers who watch the rest of the shows.
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  • Sample complaint letter about an objectionable radio or television broadcast

    One of the biggest problems in modern times is the lack of regard shown by young people towards the institution of marriage. I am writing to make a complaint about the objectionable radio/television broadcast featuring Deejay Jo Hammer. Mr. Hammer is certainly entitled to his own opinion regarding the sanctity of marriage but it is deplorable that he has gone on record to say that marriage is a curse for civilized society. Adding further fuel to the fire, he then went on to say that he personally advised young people to live together without getting married. The broadcast reached at least 1 million viewers or more, given the popularity of Mr. Hammer’s music. A majority of the youngsters today are motivated and inspired by people like Mr. Hammer. When he encourages the youth to disregard marriage and says that this sacred institution is tearing society apart, he is making a mockery of all that our country stands for.

    The United States of America is a leader in the world order because of our commitment towards family values and ethical conduct. Our youth are being led astray by people such as Mr. Hammer who want to emphasize a culture that is hedonistic, over individualistic and too selfish. Rather than being liberal and broadminded, Mr. Hammer is in fact being extremely narrow in his outlook. He views marriage as a prison and he advises people to go against centuries of tradition and values. Marriage is a beautiful institution which encourages the emotional and personal growth of an individual. It gives people a chance to be themselves in the framework of a committed and honest relationship. While Mr. Hammer is understandably disillusioned by marriage because of his three divorces in a span of 6 months, he has no right to malign the institution of marriage. I would request you to please prevent the broadcast from being re-run next Sunday. This would be the correct thing to do, if you value the roots and strong traditions our society is based on.