Sample letter about an unfair insurance payment or settlement

Sample letter about an unfair insurance payment or settlement

I am writing to inform you that I have received the cheque of Rs 5000 towards the mediclaim insurance that I have with your company. It is not the full payment which was decided over during the final settlement.

I have the medical insurance policy by the name of Aman Bhatia and the policy number is ABC12345. The mediclaim insurance policy provided by your company had a clear cause that if there was no past history of any health problem then the company will cover all the expenses of the hospitalization. During the settlement process company followed the same procedure to calculate the appropriate insurance amount. It was the company’s statement that the entire bill amount of Rs10000 will be paid by the company excluding service tax.

To my sheer dismay the company has sent the cheque of just Rs 5000 which is far away from the rightful legal compensation. Kindly see the matter and inform the reason behind the discrepancy in the insurance settlement amount.
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  • Sample complaint letter about an unfair insurance payment or settlement

    This letter is for the purpose of lodging a formal complaint regarding great unfairness meted out to me by your insurance company. New Life Insurance Company claims to have fair policies and professionalism. But my experience with your company has led me to believe the opposite. I was involved in a car accident on 24th May 2012. My car, a yellow convertible with the license plate number 89457684 was dented during this accident and the other party’s car was scratched on its surface. We exchanged numbers of our insurance companies since we wanted to settle the matter. However, the unfair payment/settlement by your insurance company following the accident has left me speechless. You hired an investigator, Mr. Tom Petty of Chicago Investigators, a detective agency to examine my claims that the scratch was accidental.

    Mr. Petty alleges that my action was deliberate so that I would be able to receive compensation and get my car polished and painted at the cost of New Life Insurance Company. Please let me assure you that the Chicago police have verified that the event was an accident and it was not planned in any way. As per Mr. Petty’s recommendations, you are only paying me $4,000 instead of the full amount of $10,000. In case you doubt the integrity of my word, please find attached the first information report by the investigating officer of the Chicago Police, Mr. Lewis Jones. The report clearly states that the cars were involved in an accidental collision and there is also scientific evidence to prove this. Please reconsider the insurance payment/settlement you have issued me on the basis of this complaint.