Sample letter about community problems

Sample letter about community problems

Everyone is aware of the results when a dog bites to a person. This letter is pertaining to the same problem of a maverick dog roaming in Aman Vihar society.

I want light to bring light on the major problem that we the residents of Aman Vihar society are facing from last one month. A black mad dog has been found in our society from last one month. It comes from nowhere in the early morning and the late nights to attack the people walking alone on the road. Till this time it has bitten 10 people including 2 children. The problem is getting worse day by day. People are finding it tough to go with their routine schedule. Even the kids cannot move out to play in the evening time.

It is a serious matter as the people health and lives are continuously at risk. Please see to the matter at earliest to stop the damage to the people and help them live their normal life.
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  • Sample complaint letter about community problems

    In recent months, there has been an increase in the number of criminal activities and thefts at several homes in our neighbourhood. Mr. George Smith at 42 B was a victim of burglary during the daytime 5 days back. The burglars entered the home after using a chainsaw to break the front door. Fortunately, Mr. Smith and his family were away for the weekend so they were saved from a confrontation with the criminals. But the Smith household lost nearly $60,000 worth of jewellery and several priceless works of art. It is obvious the burglars knew they would be able to decamp with the goods without being caught. This was not the only incident of burglary during this month.

    Mrs. Adele Simpson is an 80 year old spinster who lives alone at 67 C and she was drugged by assailants who entered her home after forcing the lock open. As she lay inert, the robbers made off with $10,000 in cash and numerous costly gadgets such as the CD player and the flat screen television. We are also extremely concerned about the eve-teasing and harassment faced by the young ladies in our neighbourhood due to the inflow of thugs from the adjoining valley. We are considering the possibility of organizing a neighbourhood watch to be manned by responsible members of our community along with some members of the local police force. Please come to a community meeting that we will be holding at the Lakeview Park to discuss this possible course of action further. The meeting will commence at 8:30 am sharp.