Sample letter about overdue work or poor workmanship

Sample letter about overdue work or poor workmanship

This is a last minute letter to remind you of the work commitment that your company made with us. We gave you the contract to arrange the tents and prepare the entire set up for a social religious gathering.

On 15th of January we gave you the contract to prepare the open ground for a social religious gathering that will be attended by people from various cities. It was already told that the gathering cannot be postponed in any case. It is going to be addressed by the famous speaker Mr. Aman and around 10000 people are coming to attend the event. We had already made clear the very importance of the gathering which can bring in the social chaos in case the preparations are not made at the right time.

We want you to speed up the work as just one day is left to the gathering. In case you fail to keep up with your commitment we have all legal rights to sue you for the damage that happens.
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  • Sample complaint letter about overdue work or poor workmanship

    We are extremely disappointed about the manner in which you have dealt with the new project our company has assigned to you. Smart & Trendy Clothes Private Limited is committed to producing quality knitwear products for their winter collection. Our company is a leader in the field of apparel and management. We expect our manufacturing partners to exercise quality control over the products they provide us. As our chief supplier and manufacturer, we expected you to deliver the clothes consignment on time and in good quality. Instead, we found poorly knitted items which barely withstood our quality control checks. The items were also made of synthetic wool whereas we had ordered products which were to be 100% woollen.

    Poor workmanship is not acceptable and neither are late deliveries. The clothes consignment reached us this month nearly two weeks later than the due date. We are working in an extremely competitive industry and a delay of even one day can have a huge impact on the amount of money we make. We do not want to make heavy losses and we are certain that this kind of work will be detrimental to the interests of our company and our loyal customers. We would appreciate it if you could send an explanation regarding the untimely deliver and poor quality of products recently delivered by your manufacturing unit to our corporate warehouse. Please also provide a written assurance that you will be sending a fresh consignment with the required quality by 14th December 2014 or before. Any failure on your part to do this will lead to the cancellation of your contract with the company.