Sample Letter for Advance Payment

Sample Letter for Advance Payment

I am employed in your organization and holding the designation of manager in the sales department. I have applied for home loan; have to make a down payment of 2, 00,000 Rs. for the same. I am falling short of 50,000 rupees and hence request you to grant me an advance payment of 50,000 against my salary.

I shall pay the entire amount in the next 6 months, and I authorize the company to deduct 9000 rupees every month from my salary until the advance payment has been recovered by the company.

I express gratitude for your contemplation of my application. In case, if any guidelines have to be followed, please let me know I shall be glad to follow the same.
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  • Sample Letter for Advance Payment -Hemant Sharma (03/25/14)
  • Sample Letter for advance payment

    It is a humble request if you could issue an advance payment of Rs. 30,000/- as I need it urgently for the clearance of my remaining balance of the Music Classes.

    As we had discussed in the meeting to start with my music sessions for CPC Music Academy, I have got all the necessary bills that are required to release the payment of Rs. 30,000/-.

    I request you to please instruct the accounts department to please issue a credit of Rs. 30,000/- for the final clearance of all the bills. All the remaining dues will be my responsibility.
    If I am able to pay of the initial payment of Rs. 30,000/- then I will be getting a discount from the Academy.

    Please let me know at the earliest.