Sample letter for auto insurance claim

Sample letter for auto insurance claim

This letter of demand is in reference to the auto insurance that I am holding with your company with the insurance number A2987302. My car has been stolen and hence I would like to claim my insurance amount.

The car was stolen from my office premises. The car model is Hyundai accent VXi and the year of make is 2010. I have already filed a police complaint and the FIR report is attached in this mail for your reference.

Kindly let me know the formalities for the same, and if any other documents will be required for me to claim the insurance amount. Request you to let me know the entire procedure for the same. The insurance amount is of 2,00,000 and I would like to claim the entire amount.

Please take a look into this matter on an urgent basis and let me know the further details as soon as possible.
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  • Sample letter for auto insurance claim -Hemant Sharma (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter for auto insurance claim

    The following letter is in reference to the accident that I met, involving the auto driver and myself on February 28th, 2014. In the course of the accident, the bonnet of my car thrashed into the rear side of auto, when he failed to apply brakes to stop for a traffic light.

    In the police reports, the auto driver was found to be at fault, and was charged with a moving violation. The damage to my car was assessed at $2,500.54, and has been promptly paid by your company to the XYZ Collision Company.

    I have also suffered from a fractured right arm as well as a ligament tear in my right calf. I was hospitalised via ambulance, where MRI was done and medical was provided. The cost for the medical expenses was $500. Please find attached receipts for itemization of these costs.

    My car was damaged beyond usability and this resulted in renting a car for a couple of days, for a total cost of $200. Due to the injuries procured, subsequent medical care was required which included frequent visits to my family doctor ($100), couple of visits to my physiotherapist ($500) and an ongoing home exercise program.

    I am not seeking restitution for pain and suffering that I had met with outside of settlement for the costs of treatment and medication listed in your insurance policy. I would request for an immediate payment for the amount listed in this document ($3,800.54) as it would be in best of my interest to put this incident behind me as soon as possible.

    Please feel free to contact me as soon as possible, if any further information is required to settle the mentioned case.