Sample letter for Car accident claim

Sample letter for Car accident claim

This is to bring to your notice that my car has been damaged and I would like to claim the insurance amount for it.

On the 5th of March while I was driving down Andheri in the evening around 5pm, during a red light signal a cab came from behind and unable to slow down at the right moment it hit my car from the back. The entire body of the car from behind got smashed. The headlights are broken and the bumper has come out. When this accident took place I immediately took pictures of the damaged portions as a proof to support my argument. The damages are huge and the estimated cost of repairs is around Rs.80, 000.

My policy number is 100805 and I have checked all the insurance papers, according to which I am eligible for an insurance claim. I have attached photographs of my damaged car for you to see. I would want you to look into the matter as soon as possible and do the needful regarding the insurance claim.

Kindly revert back with a positive response at the earliest possible.
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  • Sample letter for Car accident claim -Ritika Srivastava (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter for car accident claim

    This is to inform you that I was driving a car on a Park Avenue road Kolkata and suddenly involved in a collision with a car last week. I was not injured, but my car suffered a fair amount of damage which is insured with your organization. I expect that your organization will give prompt reaction and will pay the claim amount as soon as possible. If you want to investigate regarding the same you can contact us and we can proceed with the process. All the necessary documents and details are attached with this letter.

    I brought it to my usual mechanic, who gave me an estimate for Rs.10000 for a full repair. I have attached the copy of the estimate and the pictures of the damage.

    Hence, I demand Rs.10000/- to settle this case.